Dilksnes Gisting Höfn
Mon. 19. feb. 2018
The time is 03:28
Day nr. 50
Week nr. 7
Height of the sun at
Dilksnes is -32.831░ at
39.868░ (NNE)
Sun rises at 08:50
Solar noon is at 13:15
The sun sets at 17:41
Bright: 10 hrs. and 32 min.
Dark: 13 hrs. and 28 min.

Civil Dawn 07:59
Civil Dusk 18:32

Astronomical dawn 06:08
Astronomical dusk 20:23

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Dilksnes is situated on a cape between Skarðsfjörður on the east and Hornafjörður on the west. The estate is characterized by grassy hills with moorland in between.The hills give the observer panoramic view of the beautiful mountain circle of Hornafjörður, from Öræfajökull in the west to Horn in the east. The birdlife at Dilksnes  has great variety, especially in the wetland and marshes around Hornafjörður.


The owners of the Dilksnes estate are Bjarni Hákonarson, Finndís Harðardóttir and their sons. They bought the estate in the year 1990 and established the market garden in spring 1991. The guesthouse was established in spring 2010.

Dilksnes Market Garden

Dilksnes garden Market logo

Main emphasis is on the cultivation of trees, shrubs, perennial flowers and summer flowers, we also grow vegetables and herbs.

For now we are breeding about 100 species and genuses of trees and about 150 species of perennial flowers as well as all common types of summer flowers, vegetables and spices.

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Dilksens Guesthouse

View to Vatnajökull

Dilksnes accomodation, two rooms with shared access to kitchen and bathroom. One bedroom for three persons and another bedroom with one double bed and a bunkbed for two.

Dilksnes is 4 km from Höfn and only 1 km from highway #1.


The guesthouse is open all year round.
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